Mother with Child - standing bronze figures on marble plinth

My inspiration is the human figure: I am fascinated by exploring the shapes, spaces and curves formed by figures in various poses.

All of my ceramics are hand-built and therefore each piece is individual. I can never produce the same shape or the same glaze exactly, and I do not use a potter's wheel. I use matt glazes and therefore most of my work is fired to stoneware temperatures: at these high temperatures the glazes become much more subtle and interesting in colour and, in my opinion, more suitable for the type of form I create. This is also the reason why I turned to bronze: the variations in colour enhance the form and create a more permanent sculpture.

My bronzes are created from my biscuit-fired ceramic figures, and only 12 of each design are cast. A fibreglass mould is first produced from the ceramic figure, and the bronzes are then created using the lost-wax method. I use different colours in the final stage to produce variations in the finished sculptures' tones.

A collection of photographs of my work, entitled "Shapes, Spaces and Curves" is available to purchase on Photobox.

I am a member of the Crafts Council, the UK's development agency for contemporary crafts, and have exhibited my sculptures in the galleries listed below. Galleries currently selling Hazel Feeney Ceramics and Bronzes are highlighted*, and a link to their website is provided.

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